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we are nukeSound

Bringing a pioneering idea to life, NukeSound is an online platform that provides end-to-end sound design + engineering services to multimedia projects. Striving to prompt a disruptive change in the industry, we are working towards transforming the way things are done at present!

We are a multicultural cohort of professionals with multi-disciplinary expertise in every aspect of sound design, production, and engineering. Our company is premised on the idea of offering audio-oriented services through a unique, timely, and efficient framework.

our plan of action

To create a one-stop-shop and streamline the process of creating a sonic landscape. We intend to eliminate all the trouble of dealing with multiple individual professionals. Instead, we offer a completely hassle-experience of getting all the work done at a single destination!

To optimally leverage the talents of all our associates, we have devised a seamless workflow that binds us all together. This empowers us to cater to a multiplicity of niches, from films and commercials to podcasts and audiobooks. 

our strongest suit

Our ability to transform any sonic landscape into an exceptionally immersive one. In our mission to revolutionize the sound industry, we adhere to the international standards and serve only the finest quality sound. This is what sets us apart from the crowd. Besides, there is nothing better than producing an extraordinary sonic landscape and refining our skills in the process!
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