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  • Nikesh Hotchandani

Introduction to Nuke Sound

The idea of NukeSound, an end-to-end sound design and engineering service, was conceived sometime around the summer of 2019. After having spent close to half a decade, learning and understanding many aspects of the sound industry, a bunch of us here at NukeSound realized that we’d collectively made some very similar observations about the accessibility and efficiency of the service sector of the sound design

and engineering industry, as a whole.

We realized that the industry is extremely individual oriented. Individual oriented in the sense that, the market is saturated with individual service providers rather than collective service providers. We believe that this is due to the nature of the job market in this sector of the industry, which is highly freelance oriented. So when, for example, an advertising agency sets out to produce a commercial, they usually need to contact multiple people to complete the sonic part of their project. This includes scouting, communicating and directing a voice over artist, booking a studio to record their voice, producing sound effects and music, mixing and mastering the entire project, and this process can often be a tedious and tiring one.

In a lot of cases, this process gets a little more complicated due to the fact that the individuals producing these projects aren’t necessarily well versed with sonic and musical terminology, thus making it harder for them to be able to communicate their vision to these numerous sound and music professionals.

Thus, we decided to a start a platform that provides end-to-end sound design + engineering services and provides a hassle-free service for individuals and organizations aiming to add greater depth to the sonic dimension of their projects. We’re able to deliver top-notch quality, thanks to our diverse team of professionals. Our team consists of professionals who’re highly trained and experienced within the fields of audio engineering and sonic arts. This includes, music composition, sound effects composition, editing, sound designing, instrumental engineering, vocal engineering, Foley, immersive mixing, and more.

Our plan of action is to create a one-stop-shop and streamline the process of creating a sonic landscape. We intend to eliminate all the trouble of dealing with multiple individual professionals. Instead, we offer a completely hassle-free experience of getting all the work done at a single destination.

To optimally leverage the talents of all our associates, we have devised a seamless workflow that binds us all together. This empowers us to cater to a multiplicity of niches, from films and commercials to podcasts and audiobooks. As an intercontinental sound design brand, we offer a multifarious assortment of services within our extensive end-to-end framework.

The idea and functionality of an end-to-end sound design and engineering service is something that our organization is built upon. This idea consists of taking care of all of our clients’ sonic needs, whilst giving them a seamless experience. In order to execute this on a large scale and control the quality within our team’s bandwidth, the workflow that we follow, here at NukeSound, has been devised to adhere to several criteria. This includes the practices of working within various time zones, exceeding quality expectations, efficient communication between clients and NukeSound team members, employee wellness and overall innovation.

Having a diverse team on board gives us the cutting-edge advantage of being able to produce exactly what our clients need. We aren’t limited by genre, trends, or the status quo. The culture, along with the mindset, that we are trying to cultivate at NukeSound, allows us to go beyond boundaries and explore what hasn’t been invented yet. And having these associates be in complete sync with each other is what pushes us towards exceeding set expectations. All in all, we believe that we have been successful in creating a time and cost effective, end-to-end services framework, that can assist content creators in simplifying the process of achieving the maximum potential of their projects. We are NukeSound. Thank you.

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