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The independent artists' income and resource exposure has taken a drastic hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We at nukeSound, along with our colleagues at the Indian Music Diaries, have been brainstorming ways to support the artists in India during these tough times. 

And one of the methods of support that came out of our brainstorming sessions was doing some sort of a knowledge sharing seminar that would empower the artists to be able to put out music during these tough times. 

Workshop Registration

Do you have prior mixing experience?
Do you have a ready track that you would like to have mixed during the workshop?
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About the workshop


Sunday, May 23rd

4pm to 5pm (Indian Standard Time)


You'll be invited to a zoom session!

What're we going to talk about?

This won't be your typical mix engineering workshop.

Keeping in mind that the participants of this workshop are going to be independent artists, we're going to go over several tips, tricks and techniques to make your home produced tracks, streaming ready.


Do I need prior mixing experience?

In-depth knowledge and experience about music engineering isn't required for this workshop. But having some sort of fundamental knowledge and experience would prove beneficial. 

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